The DIY PhD is a self-guided higher and deeper educational program.

Our ideal educations are social. Our ideal educations incorporate learning in our bodies, minds, habitats and spirits.

Your DIY PhD is yours. There is no wrong way to do it. The Universe is your University.

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In 2014, Sarita Dougherty and David Whitaker began creating their DIY PhDs and the 13-step program that got them to graduation. Learn more about their work at

Looking for a container to provide structure, organization, clarity, mentorship and community for generating the work and life of your dreams?

SPRING 2020 DIY PhD Cohort Applications open Oct. 23rd!

The School for the Ecocene's founder Sarita Dougherty offers an 8-month DIY PhD program to support earth warriors, artists, healers, and teachers in transitioning their life from expected career paths and cycles of economic insecurity into dream visions of intention, abundance, clarity and fulfillment.

The Spring 2021 DIY PhD Cohort



This weekly virtual program integrates knowledge from our bodies, ancestors, planet, communities, ecologies & multiple areas of interest. DIY PhD cohorts are filled with artists, healers, cultural workers, educators & planetary liberators seeking support & structure for activating their dreams visions.

What would your dream degree be in? What does your dream career look like? What dream project are you seeking support in structuring and completing?!

During this 8-month course taught by DIY PhD co-creator Sarita Dougherty, you will create an interdisciplinary degree program to support an abundant life, career and paradigm-shift for the planet. Participants gain trust in themselves and the Universe, a sense of agency as they articulate and manifest their dream life, and a plan to generate income for their gifts in life. Participants in the DIY PhD Activation Course find structure and clarity in reaching their goals and sharing them with the world.

For the first 4 months of January 23 - May 14th, the DIY PhD cohort connects in a weekly Zoom class to release what no longer serves them, clarify student dream life visions, and map their ideal careers and projects. We honor the work of rooting, rest and recreation with a week-long Spring break and a two month-long Summer break.

Next, participants embark on 4 months of biweekly cohort meetings and biweekly mini-cohort meetings, beginning in mid-July and ending in mid-November. Course participants will hone in on the structure and methodologies that support a creative project, research assignment, income-generating work, and anything else they dream up during our program.

By the end of the 8 month DIY PhD program, participants are in tune with their unique and fulfilling paths for planetary abundance & can continue creating their DIY PhD dream degrees in self-guided mini-cohorts for however long they would like. (Sarita's DIY PhD was 6 years).

No previous institutional degrees are required.

We are a self-accrediting degree program.

We are re-claiming our own agency and autonomy in deeper and higher educations.

We tune into trusting the rhythm and pace of our dream lives with

our bodies, seasons, cyclical unlearning, relearning and healing.

Read Testimonies from past DIY PhD cohort members here.

Learn about our income-based Tuition Levels here.

We have Black Lives Matter scholarships available for our Black community members interested in this program.

Thank you for your interest!

Questions? Please write Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have!