The Ecocene is
Our Era for the Earth

School for the Ecocene offers an online platform and programs for connecting to self, community and planet!


 Your DIY PhD is yours! Sarita Doe facilitates an 8-month DIY PhD Year One Course to set global learners and paradigm-shifters on their course towards their dream deeper and higher education. Applications for our Spring 2022 Cohort are Now Open, through Dec. 7th or once full.

Everything is Medicine

Olivia Chumacero teaches e.i.m. as an 8-week course seasonally, weaving science and collective indigenous knowledge into a participatory virtual learning experience. “We are in nature and nature is in us.” -O.C. Enrollment in the Fall 2021 Session now Open!

Earth business bloom

Ebb is a 3-month mentorship program or 2-part self-guided class to support change-makers in visioning, mapping, and activating their dream income, in service to the planet and all beings here. Move through the material on your own or in our seasonal live class.

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Stay up-to-date with our offerings, opportunities and events. is our community portal for sharing eco-centered resources, questions, dialogue, cohorts & classes, available via web browser or the Mighty Networks App!

The Ecocene is an emerging geologic era where all beings are living in reciprocity with their ecosystems again. 

Textbook for the Ecocene

Textbook for the Ecocene is a practical guide for connecting to Self, Community and Planet. What we pay attention to grows. Each Chapter features how-to practices to try at home, Earth-centered theory + an interview with BIPOC planetary liberators. Our book sold out in print with Co-Conspirator Press, and is still available here as a digital download!

About Us

Started in 2020, our School began by offering the Year 1 DIY PhD course with Sarita Doe and Everything is Medicine taught by Olivia Chumacero. From 2021-2022 we are expanding into a worker-owned teacher’s cooperative!

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