The Ecocene is an emerging geologic era where all humyns are living in reciprocity with their ecosystems again.

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Textbook for the Ecocene is a practical guide for connecting to self, community and planet. What we pay attention to grows. To get us out of the people-dominant era called the Anthropocene, we are focusing on the ways resilience is growing and how indigenous communities have always been teaching stewardship. Each Chapter features how-to rituals and earth-practices to try at home, earth-centering theory and an interview with BIPOC planetary libeartors Johanna Iraheta, Bruje Fuego, Raquel Lemus, Patty Denisse, Jasmine Nyende and Queen Hollins.


Create your own DIY PhD program and dream dissertation. This 8-month group program activates clarity, structure, momentum and economy for manifesting your dream research, dream economy and dream projects in the world.

everything is medicine (e.i.m.)

Olivia Chumacero teaches this 8-week course seasonally, weaving science and collective indigenous knowledge into a participatory virtual learning experience. Olivia shows us the road back to our true selves: inextricably linked to nature. We are in it, and it is in us.

Photo by Lauren Tabak

1:1 Mentorship

Deepen your purpose and reconnect with the planet. Sarita offers individual coaching for artists, healers, teachers and activists through an Earth-based spiritual and creative lens. Are you interested in fast-tracking your dream income and planetary abundance? The world needs you and your unique gifts, now, and you can grow a sustainable economy for yourself as you offer your gifts! This 1:1 support will have you stepping into your dream habitat, community, calling and career. Learn more below, and book a complimentary 20-minute session with Sarita today!

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Planetary Liberation is inevitable and it is emerging everywhere.