Learn about the DIY PhD in the words of current and past cohort members:

This class was a great way to organize myself and the projects that I'm working on into a larger, more cohesive lifelong learning process. To see the larger, overarching themes within the work that I'm doing. It allowed me a reason to carve out space in my week for thoughtful, productive work on the inside and outside! For a long long time I have been unsure (and I still am!!) as to why I feel the urge to do the things I do, think about the things I want to think about... and this process let me explore that on a spiritual level but also on an academic level, drawing connections to other people's work, worldviews, also aliens and the ocean and other folks trying to survive.

Rebecca Goldschmidt, 2015 Cohort

Sarita's DIYPhD program was exactly what I was looking for.  The program provided a loose structure and support to develop work that is personally rewarding, and helps students hone what rings most true for them.  For anyone who is interested in pursuing interdisciplinary, holistic research and creative work, I would highly recommend this program. It provides an enlightening alternative to traditional education while supporting a rigorous, self-directed approach to developing one's own work. 

Sarita's suggestions, prompts, questions, and exercises were the seeds for developing my work in ways that it had never gone before. Working with her helped me gain confidence in my views and perspective and helped clarify where I am going with my work, my purpose for doing it, and my dreams for realizing it

Adrine Arakel, 2020 Cohort

I've gotten self-care and awareness, support group, how to breathe better for better health and more out of the DIY PhD. I feel more confident in my approach to writing my book, that what I am creating is unique and magical. This course is It is a container of safety for self-actuation.

I am beginning to realize my intelligence and experiences that I went through to enrich my intelligence are valid. I am growing deeper into my plant medicine practice and am birthing the ideas that I've been pregnant with for so long.

Lyn Pacificar, 2020 Cohort