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Ecologies of Abundance: Meditation into your dream budget

This meditation is a great way to ground into deep intentions for how you want to make money! We root into ancestral soils, honor the soil we currently live on and dip into mapping a scene of our current economies and the ones we want to move into. This is a great New Moon meditation for setting income intentions for the next three months!

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Abundant Garden: Meditation for Mapping your Areas of Interest

Dear Prepit@s,

This is a Full Moon guided meditation for grounding into your abundant garden. What areas of your life have you been tending to? This meditation invites you to honor what you've already been cultivating, reflect on the roots and lineages nourishing these areas of study, and asks you to map out and honor your abundant garden!

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Deepest Soils: Meditation to release what no longer serves you & seed of your dreams

This meditation is a great place to begin: it provides soothing root and soil visuals for getting deep and grounded in the Earth. We release and compost in the soil what no longer serves us, and plant a beautiful seed there: the seed of our soul projects, dream life and pursuit of deepest fulfillment. Enjoy, and make sure to have a sketchbook and writing utensils on hand for this 30-minute guided meditation and drawing exercise.