1:1 Mentorship

Deepen your purpose and reconnect with the planet.

Sarita offers mentorship opportunities for artists, healers, teachers and activists through an Earth-based spiritual and creative lens. The mentorship supports planetary liberators in connecting to themselves, community and abundant / ecological economies to bring in the income they need to thrive doing what they love!

Sarita offers membership at the Activation level for those wanting to discover and clarify their purpose, and at the Acceleration level for those ready to deepen their income and impact.

The world needs you and your unique gifts, now, and you can grow a sustainable economy for yourself as you offer your gifts!

This support will have you stepping into your dream habitat, community, calling and/or career.

Activating support for our fulfillment is often the first brave step towards knowing that you are worth it and that your dream life is unfurling.

Sarita's 1:1 Mentorship is offered in 3-month Packages. The Accelerator level of two 90-minute sessions per month, or the Activation level, with two 30-minute sessions per month. Both levels include direct messaging support for questions and advice that come up in-between.

  • Tune into your deep soul purpose on this planet to locate, clarify and strength the work that you deeply desire to activate
  • Release the old stories, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Map your dream income and practical path towards materializing it
  • Acknowledge, Affirm and Celebrate your Medicine and Offerings!

Apply for mentorship here to discover your life's purpose and/or deepen your abundant economy and impact! We will set up a complimentary admissions call to share more program details and to see if this mentorship is a good fit.

Blessings to your journey!

We are taking applicants for 1:1 mentorship in the new year!