La Prepa

Upon the end of my first Prepa, with the help of her deep wisdom and encouragement, I developed my own first online course, which I am starting tomorrow! I highly recommend La Prepa to anyone who wishes to bear seedlings into the world, and nurture a new consciousness around the energy of Money. Blessed be!

-Susannah Simpson, La Prepa Summer 2020 Cohort

La Prepa gets you ready! We are an autonomous collective to amplify abundance for Planetary Liberation. Part sacred business coaching, part liberatory curricula, part support group for Eco-Warriors en acordancia con La Pachamama!

Are you interested in joining this virtual community? Our current form is a Signal text group for Full and New Moon prompts, prayer requests, and sacred business coaching. Our biweekly Zoom meeting will resume Summer 2021. Let us know if you'd like to join!

You Nourish Me, goache on amatl, by Sarita Doe inspired by Raquel Lemus