Earth business bloom!

Receive abundant income for your planetary purpose

💧🌿 We support Earthworkers, artists, teachers, change-makers & healers in mapping and activating their ecological economies of collective abundance
We bloom our Earth businesses to receive autonomous and abundant income for our families, liberatory communities & future generations to come.
💧🌿 As we transition from human-centered to ecosystem-centered life, we nurture a financial flow to fund planetary liberation, redistribute wealth, and thrive in habitats, everywhere.
🌿💧 This virtual course takes Earthworkers from initiating visions and connecting to guides to mapping their sacred business plans and Activating their Dream Economies!

Ebb At Your Own Pace

➡️ No need to have clarity on what your Earth business is when joining

➡️ There is no one right way to grow eco-nomies of abundance for all
➡️ Receive support while growing the economies of our dreams

🌿 Our Earth business bloom! Class Includes:

Sarita Doe

Course Co-Creator

🌸 24 self-paced lessons to teach change-makers how to move their planetary passions from seed to income activation

🌸 Meditation, Ritual & Mapping Prompts for Earthworkers to use in creating their Sacred Business Plan

🌸 Bonus Trainings & Conversations with Guest Sacred Business Coaches

🌸 Office Hours: Career Coaching w/ Facilitators via Group Chat every Wednesday from 12 noon - 1 pm PST in our class portal

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 we will get back to you as soon as possible, or ask in our Public Ecocene Portal!