Everything is Medicine

Everything is Medicine is a way of life

Olivia Chumacero teaches this 8-week course seasonally.

Dedicated to your Inner Nature…

…that which comes natural to us all

Listen quietly to what it tells you

Live with it away from everything & everyone

Be patient. Give it time. Nurture it in you everyday

though it may be the challenge of all challenges

Understand it like a child, swallowing every gulp

Eyes gorged with curiosity. Gently let it deflower your life

through pain, through love

Allow these words to exude from your blood memory because

anger and fear stunts the spirit

limits the breath of road needed to travel in the way of Nature

Do not stray

Do not live distanced from your Inner Nature

the heart will harden run cold

Cradle your Inner Nature

Laugh without restrain so one day you may dance into your death song

Thankful of the dandelion seed floating to nowhere

Thankful of a mother’s breath immersed in child-birthing-pain

Contemplate in gratitude while dreaming awake

Because It takes a lifetime

To know Yourself

Olivia Chumacero
Meet your Instructor:
Olivia Chumacero

"Art is a tool. Science is a tool. These two principle tools are continually evolving from the collective knowledge of the humxyn species. EVERY existing culture on our mother planet holds some aspect of this collective knowledge in its blood memory. Personally, I draw from my indigenous collective knowledge. I weave oral traditions, coyote stories, anecdotes, ceremonies, spirit runs, and observe the unspoken, the unwritten, the intangible. My signature tools are art and science while maneuvering through this journey called life.”

Olivia Chumacero

8 SESSIONS during 2 months

Everything is Medicine (e.i.m.) is a virtual course taught seasonally by Olivia Chumacero. Olivia teaches interactive lessons around the following topics:

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