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The School for the Ecocene began as Sarita Doe’s DIY PhD Dissertation, and is now expanding to include programming from more teachers of the Earth, including her teacher and elder, Olivia Chumacero, who teaches everything is medicine (e.i.m.). Our DIY PhD cohort is currently facilitated by Sarita and supported with Year 2 DIY PhD Candidates & Transformational Alchemists (TAs): Joy Anderson, Lyn Pacificar, Willy Siegel and Nina Vuoso.

In Fall 2021, the School for the Ecocene plans to offer even more courses by amazing community Earth medicine teachers, for teaching sustainable Planetary Liberation and in support living wages for Earth-centered activists, artists, healers and educators.

Born in 1983 on Houma lands to Celtic, Cajun and Bolivian Ancestors, Sarita Doe creates paintings, habitat, curricula and collaborative cultural works for the Ecocene. She graduated from the School for the Ecocene with a PhD for Pachamama and published her Dissertation, Textbook for the Ecocene, in 2020. Connect with Sarita Doe and learn more about her paintings + collaborative projects at and on Instagram at @saritadoe.

Thank you to all of the students and collaborators for making this work possible.

Meet our elder & e.i.m. instructor: Olivia Chumacero

Dedicated to your Inner Nature…

…that which comes natural to us all/Listen quietly to what it tells you/Live with it away from everything & everyone/Be patient/Give it time/Nurture it  in you everyday/though it may be the challenge of all challenges/Understand it like a child swallowing every gulp/Eyes gorged in curiosity/Gently let it deflower your life/through pain/through love/Allow these words to exude from your blood memory because anger and fear stunts the spirit/limits the breath of road needed to travel in the way of Nature/Do not stray/Do not live distance from your Inner Nature/the heart congeals runs cold/Cradle your Inner Nature/ Laugh without restrain so one day you may dance into your death song/ Thankful of the dandelion seed floating to nowhere/Thankful of a mother’s breath immersed in childbirthing-pain/

Contemplate in gratitude  while dreaming awake/Because/It takes a lifetime to know Yourself


Connect with Olivia Chumacero’s indigenous philosophy and poetry here, & learn more about her virtual class called everything is medicine, or e.i.m., here.

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Meet Angie, or amazing Admin and Enrollment Officer:

My name is Angie and I am a free-spirited ninja mom and Creative Manager who helps the School for the Ecocene to stay organized. I chose this route after the realization that I could never become my best self away from the things I love the most. My guilty pleasures include: camouflage, dancing with and spoiling my twin girls, and a good adrenaline rush. I build sustainable systems for the School and other online businesses from my home in Nairobi, Kenya. Learn more at